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Technical Support

Select top-of-the-line P.O.S. equipment from the world's finest top-of-the-line P.O.S. manufacturers. Our equipment looks and runs exactly like brand new, at a substantial savings to you. Everything is fully warranted and acceptable for continued OEM maintenance with savings that range from 40 to 80 percent.


Well-Trained Technical Support

Our technical staff has more than 100 years combined technical service working with high-quality p.o.s. equipment. Rarely is there a part or type of p.o.s. equipment our technicians haven't seen before. Each IWCR technician has received extensive training in the field before being hired and trains on a variety of machines in the factory before simulating a customer's on-line environment in the shop. Periodic, off-site training at the manufacturer's keeps them current on running, repairing and testing OEM equipment.

If you are a current customer experiencing a service issue, please click the Support tab to contact us via email or call us at 847-310-4200 and ask for Customer Service.   


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